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Swipe the screen and eliminate tiles


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Try to eliminate all the tiles in the fun puzzle game Nostar.

Nostar has simple gameplay: start a new game and a grid full of colorful tiles appears, including a few tiles have stars and grey tiles with an X in the center. Not only that, but there's a rocket in the center of the grid, and the upcoming rockets are shown at the bottom of the screen. Your mission is to use the rockets to eliminate all the tiles!

But the rockets only remove tiles of their same color. For example, yellow rockets will only remove the yellow tiles in its path. Just swipe left or right and up or down to guide the rocket to the right square, but keep in mind that the rocket will keep flying until it hits a tile. Because the rocket won't stop until it crashes into something, you'll have to carefully plan your moves to get the rocket to a certain tile. But if it's impossible to reach a tile of the same color as the rocket, you can swap the current rocket for the one on the bottom of the screen. The goal is to eliminate all the stars on the screen using the fewest moves possible.

Nostar offers loads of entertainment with fun and easy to learn gameplay. Although it's a pretty simple game, It's also super addictive, and will keep you hooked until every last tile is eliminated!